Welcome to RUMPBOX! My name is Loretta, the seamstress behind all the pads listed.  I have been sewing for about 5 years and I am more of a hobby seamstress and a part time blogger.  I am not a machine and my sewing is not perfect and slight imperfection may occur. But I promise you, I will not list any ugly pads. Each pad is made with care and with proper care and washing routine, they should last about 5 years.

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I offer 3 absorbencies and they can come in variety of lengths and snapped widths.

Light absorbency is indicated by 1 star sewn on the wing

Regular/Medium absorbency is indicated by 2 stars sewn on the wing

Heavy absorbency is indicated by 3 stars sewn on the wing

I do take custom orders and you must contact me by email or thru facebook group for a quote.


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