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All Pampered Shop Pads use color coded snaps to tell you what is inside!
White~ Liner~ no core
Pink~ Light~ 1 layer bamboo fleece
Red~ Regular ~ 2 layers bamboo fleece
Purple~ Heavy~ 3 layers bamboo fleece

*Please note that absorbency labels (eg. light, moderate, heavy) may be called different things on different sites- please refer to the snap color, as it will always be the same, and will be the same inside the pad no matter where you purchase your Pampered Shop Pads!

Caring for cloth pads is easy!

  • Rinse used pads if heavily soiled
  • Store in dry laundry pail or soaking pail until wash day
  • hand wash or machine wash and dry on warm
  • if you wish to treat stains, peroxide, oxy based cleansers, and specialty stain sticks as well as laying clean pads in the sun to dry can lessen or eliminate most stains.
  • Please know that some people have more acidic fluids that can actually bleach darker pads, and this type of discoloration is not fixable with the above methods

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I offer a flat $2.99 to customers within the USA.

To my international customers, I charge a flat $12.99. Shipping is nearly always this amount, and sometimes more. I hate that it costs this much, but it does. To help ease the pain of high shipping, I am offering to my international customers a free pantyliner with every package shipped. No coupon needed, just a thank you from me, because I hate paying high shipping as well! ALso note that if shipping is ever more than $1 less than what I charge, I will refund you the overage. 

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