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My goal is to make reusable menstrual pads to sell at a reasonable price. This means I must keep my costs low. I can do this by only buying fabric that is on sale, and keeping my colors simple. I buy fabrics I think are cute and would like to use myself. I also only use black or white thread, and have very little choices for backers.

Please keep in mind my sewing is not perfect. Sometimes the wings may be uneven, sometimes the sewing may be noticeably crooked. However, neither of those things effect the functionality of the pads. If I am not proud of my work, I will not attempt to sell it.

What does that mean for you?
Cute, although somewhat simple, menstrual pads at a great price!

I only sew in my free time, which is usually the weekends. My sewing is not perfect, but it is getting better with each pad. Each pad will be fully functional (and cute)!

Also come join my facebook group! If you are interested in purchasing from me but do not see a size/absorbency/fabric choice you like, I offer customs there! There will also be sneak peaks of stockings and giveaways! www.facebook.com/groups/kristinskreations. I look forward to working with everyone here!

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