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Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to view the items in the Flo Fancy shop.  I’m Amy, the owner of Cloth Junkies, and Brandy joined me about a year after I opened.  We are both full time moms and wives.  We both have a huge passion for sewing and going as green as possible!  Sooo, that being said, we LOVE what we do!  Brandy and I work together and try to focus on eco friendly items for the whole home.  I make all of the menstrual products and a few other things, and Brandy is the maker of the Unpaper products, (wet bags, unpaper towels and family cloth)  If there is anything we can help you with please don’t hesitate to message us, we check in often ;)

All Flo Fancy products are hand made by 1 of 2 people.  There may be slight cosmetic flaws, we are human, but I can assure you this will not affect the absorbency, the overall quality, or how these products work.

The cores I use for the pads reflect what works best for me and several customers who have tested them.  The regular absorbency pads work for my (and the testers) regular flow days, same for all other absorbency’s.  That being said, our idea of a regular or heavy flow day may not be the same as yours.  Everyone is different.  Give the Flo Fancy pads a try, you may be surprised!  For more specific info on pad core layers please see Sellers Info in the product description.

Current turnaround time for custom orders is 7-10 days.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me for custom orders and wholesale prices.

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 Amy & Brandy


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