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***This is an instant digital download. No physical product will be sent to you.***

-For purchase is one set of instructions for sewing cloth pads with Cranky Poodle Patterns.
-Both hidden/floating core and fixed core instructions are included.
-Instructions are easy to follow and suitable for all sewers: from beginners to advanced.
-Intructions include step by step photos to make sewing your cloth pads easy, fun and enjoyable.
-No pattern is included with this document.
-You can also find video tutorials on Youtube here:
-Further support can be found in my Facebook group:


Please note: a free copy of these exact instructions is downloadable in the ‘files’ area of my Facebook group. I have listed this document here for a nominal fee for those who prefer not to join groups.

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Cranky Poodle is owned and operated by myself, Amber. My interest in cloth pads started by a desire to do more to preserve our environment for future generations. I see cloth pads as a small step in that direction. I purchased a few pad patterns, then started seeing ideas for patterns in items around the house so I started making my own patterns. I’m a complete paddict now!

Why the name Cranky Poodle? It was my husband’s suggestion and I love that he came up with it. We also decided that if we ever open a cafe we’ll call it The Somewhere Else Cafe. So if you’re ever out and about and see The Somewhere Else Cafe, pop in. It’ll be me behind the counter!

PS. I’m actually not cranky, honestly :)