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Your pad will be made with the fabric and print shown in the picture.
You choose your favorite length and absorbency.
Print layout will vary. Pictures show a sample 9″ cut. If you would like a specific layout, please contact me.
You can expect your pads to ship in about 5-7 business days, often sooner.

All custom pads are made with standard Pampered Shop features:

  • WindPro fleece back exposed core style
  • 2 center width snap settings
  • Color coded snaps to indicate absorbency

Please see the “Seller Info” tab for more information about pad measurements and absorbency.

Product Enquiry

Standard Pampered Shop Pad Measurements:

Each pad offers 2 center crotch width snap settings:
✦ 7″ 2.25″ / 2.75″
✧ 9″, 11″ & 13″ Trim 2.5″ / 3″
✦ 13″ Wide and longer 3.5″ / 4″

End Measurements (Flare):

✦9″ Pad- 3.5″

✧11″ Pad- 3.75″

✦ 13″ & 15″ Pads- 5.5″ & 6″
✧ 17″ Pad- 5.5″ & 6.5″
✦ 19″ Pad- 6″ & 7″
✧ 21″ Pad- 6.5″ & 8″
✦ 23″ Pad- 6.5″ & 9″

Pad length stated is the fleece back, not the top core length. Please note that measurements may vary a bit, as materials are stretchy, and larger pads are hand cut.


All Pampered Shop Pads use color coded snaps to tell you what is inside!
White~ Liner~ no core
Pink~ Light~ 1 layer bamboo fleece
Red~ Regular ~ 2 layers bamboo fleece
Purple~ Heavy~ 3 layers bamboo fleece

*Please note that absorbency labels (eg. light, moderate, heavy) may be called different things on different sites- please refer to the snap color, as it will always be the same, and will be the same inside the pad no matter where you purchase your Pampered Shop Pads!

Shipping Details

Shipping from : United States (US)

Country State Cost
United States (US) Any $0.00
Any Any $12.99
United States (US) Minor Outlying Islands Any $2.99
United States (US) Virgin Islands Any $2.99

Shipping Policy

Pampered Shop Pads charges a flat $2.99 for orders shipped within the USA, and a flat $12.99 for orders shipped internationally. If the cart is charging you differently, please contact me!

Return Policy

Due to the personal nature of these products, returns may not be accepted. Please choose carefully and read the product description as refunds/replacements/discounts will not be given unless required by law. If you have any questions about a product please contact the seller before purchasing. Please see the TOS (link on bottom right of page) for further conditions.