Join Us

If you are a seller of cloth pads or other related items, you are welcome to join us and create your own store here on cloth pad shop.

There are no contracts (you can leave at any time), no listing fees and no commissions!  So you can list and sell as much as you like without having extra fees. As a seller on Cloth Pad Shop you have the advantage of joining a specialised store that makes your products available to the people who are specifically looking for them!

While it is called “Cloth Pad Shop”, you are not limited to selling just cloth pads. We welcome Menstrual Cups, Wetbags, Herbal Teas, Diaries, Jewellery, Art, pad patterns, DIY supplies and many other products.

Benefits of selling on Cloth Pad Shop:

  • Free Sub Domain and E-mail address – You can have your own e-mail address and URL that links directly to your area of the store. So you can quickly and easily create a professional look for your business without needing to buy your own domain name. Your mail is delivered to your normal e-mail account, so you don’t even have to worry about checking another account. Easy!
  • Flat Rate Fee – With a flat rate fee you always know exactly what needs to be paid and there are no scary surprises. List and sell as much as you like and you’ll never need to pay any more!   Pay one low yearly fee ($40USD or $50AUD) and that’s it!
  • No Commissions or Listing Fees! – We encourage you to add as much stock as you like to your store, because not only does more stock make Cloth Pad Shop a larger and more interesting store, and gives customers more variety to choose from – but you stand a better chance of selling when you have products to sell. So more stock is best for Cloth Pad Shop, the customers and your business. So we don’t want to restrict you by being greedy and taking out commissions or listing fees.
  • Let your “competitors” benefit you! – You might think that having other pad makers in the same store as you can be harmful to your business, but think of it another way. We are “fellow pad makers” rather than competition. Cloth pad usage is becoming increasingly popular, and there are more than enough customers to go around. What one person wants/needs/likes in a pad is different from another, one pad maker cannot make products that suit everyone. But by forming a large store together, each store can have something to offer the customer, and each helps to bring more customers in. So if another pad maker has a special and customers come to Cloth Pad Shop for that, the customer might decide to also buy from you while they are here.
  • We bring customers to you – You can benefit from competitions, prize draws and other events that are designed to bring customers to the store and entice them to buy. Paying for advertising and building up a customer base is hard when you are in a store on your own. But joining a store like Cloth Pad Shop gives you the advantage of an already established customer base through word of mouth and store advertising. You also benefit from the increased traffic that comes to the site from any of the sellers being advertised or talked about.
  • Easily create custom products and variations – You are not just limited to selling “instock” products. You can list custom order items as well as items with options for customers to select. (eg add $1 extra for PUL, or different prices for different lengths of pad or for different fabrics). With this you can list items you will custom make for the customer based on the choices they have selected. You can also set up a gallery with your fabric choices. Downloadable products such as pad patterns are also easily managed within our system.
  • Lots of product editing options – You can bulk edit products (just select the ones you want and choose from several bulk edit options, like changing the status, price, sale price, categories etc.), as well as copy/duplicate existing listings. You can also make “hidden” listings that only show to people you give the link to.
  • Being part of a community – Cloth Pad Shop is a community of sellers who are working together to bring more cloth pads and related items into the world. A smaller and more personal site than other large multiple seller sites, run by someone just like you – whose interest is to get more lovely pads out into the world and to support the people who make them.

Interested in joining?

To apply to join, Read through our Seller TOS and send us an email – tell us why you’d like to join, what country you’re from, and a little bit about your products (what materials you use etc.)

We like to try and maintain a minimum standard of work and customer service here at Cloth Pad Shop, so our customers can be confident shopping here. So Admin will review your products based on the information you have provided and e-mail you back.